mercredi 2 juin 2010

Visioconférence du 2 juin 2010

Madame Tournou a présenté les 1° travaux pratiques de notre groupe sur le basilic aux écoles :
de Taïwan, Japon, Cuba, Mali,Argentine, Colombie,Israel, Maroc, Slovénie,
Basil plant were sown by Eric at home and offered to the students, to teachers and to the management staff. So each one has to take care of it, and observe the plant and describe it and write down its evolution on the blog. We also planted out basil plants in a small piece of ground at school, but when Eric was absent we were faced with a terrible slug attack. So we put around the area, ashes which stopped the invasion.
Next school year we are getting money and will create a garden at school; there will be three gardens
-a small medicinal and medieval one
-one in a triangular shape
-and the last one , but not least hiding the wire fencing.
We still work in team with:
-Slovenia (Tatjana)
-Italy (Rossella and Monica)

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